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Getting Our Base Right

Getting Our Base Right

Good soap is built on a simple, effective base. We kept this principle close at hand while crafting our range of Sargasso Botanica soaps. After experimenting with many of the world's best natural butters and oils, we’ve come up with a base formula that we think gives the perfect wash: a soap that glides on skin, lathers well, rinses clean, and leaves skin plump with moisture. 

Coconut butter and aloe vera are the key products in all of our soaps and in most of our other products. These botanical wonders are plentiful in the Caribbean. 

Coconut butter makes gorgeous bubbles and foamy lather while giving light moisture. We use aloe vera juice instead of water to blend our bars. It nourishes and soothes, making our bars seem to just float across skin in even the hardest water. 

Our bars also contain mango butter (we love mangos), which is rich in oleic acids and 'super' fats to layer moisture into skin; olive oil (the undisputed king of soap-making oils), which is gentle and ideal for any kind of skin, even sensitive or problem skin types; and sustainably sourced palm butter, which hardens the soap and gives it that 'glide'. 


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