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Goodbye wellies, hello flip flops!

Goodbye wellies, hello flip flops!

It's been in the works since EVER, but we're finally doing it. We are moving to Barbados at the end of this year. 

It's where I met my husband, and a place I've come to feel at home. So we're going to try it on and see how it goes. I'll be hitting the PAUSE button on making and selling for now, to focus on getting us all settled in and happy. I'll be busy writing and editing (my full-time career) and hopefully bodyboarding in the surf, exploring the hills and beaches, and writing here in somewhat equal measure. 

I've got every intention of continuing Sargasso, but it might wake up in a different way once we're acclimated and rooted in our new place. I hope so. So in the meantime, I hope you'll continue following the socials--Instagram and Facebook--and instead of this online shop, I'll be writing at

See you out there!

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