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I (finally) love my fine, thin hair

I (finally) love my fine, thin hair

I’ve struggled with hair density for years now. Genetically, I got the fine end of the stick. My lovely parents are of mixed Caribbean heritage. If I ever did a DNA test, I’d expect to see bloodlines mapped to the seven continents.

Here we are last year. I’m in the middle. Mom’s got thick, straight Chinese hair. Dad’s got thin, wispy hair. And I’ve never known him with a full head of hair. I’ve seen pictures though of the handsome devil.

My sisters have both got thicker hair than mine. In this way and so many others, I am a daddy’s girl.

This is probably the fullest my hair has ever been. Boy were those the good old days! Thanks to a pregnancy and breastfeeding, I was hair-swishingly happy and back to a size 8 in 4 weeks post-baby. Tempted though I am to do this again (I do look deliriously happy here, don’t I?) . . .it’s not happening.


I’ve tried loads of different hair treatments, even one with a (shhhhh) secret herbal ingredient from Colombia. I only stopped using it because it was not available for sale in the UK. I haven’t grown a third arm yet, thank goodness, so it must have been safe after all. Scary.

When this child was born, she had hair like mine. My hair, sadly, started falling out; this is the effect of hormone loss after pregnancy. Then the baby became a toddler, and a mohawk sprouted. I developed the Muru Muru Smoothie to smooth out the frizz and encourage the curls naturally. And started using a little on my scalp too. No time for primping, I just slicked it all back into a bun and left it. Another pregnancy soon followed with even more challenges. I had “two under two,” so it was full on fun. By the time that baby was crawling, my hair was nearly waist length, but thin.

At the beach with Li, our youngest. Here came the idea for the Siren sea salt spray. . .

What I’ve realised is that there’s absolutely nothing I can do about changing my hair; increasing strand thickness is unproven, as is reversing hair loss without using chemicals forever. I had to accept this. I now have the healthiest hair I can possibly have, and more importantly have decided to have a healthy attitude towards my hair. Life is better.

What I use in my hair:

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