SeaFlower Oil
SeaFlower Oil
SeaFlower Oil
SeaFlower Oil
SeaFlower Oil
SeaFlower Oil
SeaFlower Oil

SeaFlower Oil

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Shine On

This enriching oil keeps hair, scalp + skin healthy, balanced, and shiny. 

A beautiful-smelling treatment for all hair types, especially longer, thick or curly hair, because these naturally lose moisture.

We use this at home on everyone for weekly pre-wash oil treatments and for scalp therapy. Use on skin as a spot treatment for cuticles or on dry skin. 

What's In it?

Moroccan argan oil

The undisputed champion of hair oils, this deeply nourishing oil  maintains "silky" hair.

Cold-pressed organic coconut butter

The tropical super-butter penetrates right into hair and scalp, deodorises, and soothes dry and eczematic skin conditions. Solid in its natural form, you might have to warm the bottle during cold weather, as it will solidify. Read more about natural butters and oils here.

Jojoba oil

This natural wonder closely resembles human sebum; we use it to help regulate and control your scalp's own oil.

Castor oil

Adds shine and gloss to hair.

Vitamin E (tocopherol)

Reduces scalp inflammation and repairs damaged follicles.

Pro-Vitamin B-5 (D-Panthenol)

A humectant, which means it invites moisture into your hair and scalp. Then it helps the oils stay in your hair.

Sweet Orange and Rose Geranium essential oils Blends with the natural scent of the coconut butter for an elegant, brighter scent profile. 

Who and How

A true oil, this product is most suitable for:

  • Daily scalp and hair leave-in for thick and curly hair types of any ethnicity
  • Reparative weekly oil treatment for any type of hair
  • Beard and facial hair care
  • Pre-shampoo scalp massage and hair treatment

Use: Dispense in small increments, massaging gradually into scalp and distributing through hair with fingers. 

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