Muru Muru Smoothie
Muru Muru Smoothie
Muru Muru Smoothie
Muru Muru Smoothie
Muru Muru Smoothie
Muru Muru Smoothie
Muru Muru Smoothie
Muru Muru Smoothie

Muru Muru Smoothie

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Give your hair and scalp the nutrition it needs to be healthy, supple, and ready for all the fabulousness you'll subject it to. Our muru muru smoothie is a therapeutic hair + scalp vitamin in a lovely whipped blend of oils. Use it to care for your hair or your beard from follicles to ends.

The scented smoothie is approved for use on people 3 years and older. The unscented smoothie is approved for us on babies weighing 7kgs+ and is recommended for people with sensitive skin. 

What's In it?

Cold-pressed organic coconut butter 

The tropical super-butter that penetrates right into hair and scalp, deodorises, and soothes dry and eczematic skin conditions.

Wildcrafted muru muru butter

Lavishly rich in oleic acids to treat hair and scalp; especially nourishing for curly hair types. It's a fair trade product, wild  harvested and crafted in the Amazon, by hand, by indigenous peoples.

Moroccan argan oil

The undisputed champion of hair oils, this deeply nourishing oil  maintains "silky" hair.

Jojoba oil

This natural wonder actually occurs as a wax, but we're using it in liquid form.  Because it closely resembles human sebum (your oils), we use it to help regulate and control your scalp's own oil.

Castor oil

Adds beautiful shine and gloss to hair.

Vitamin E (tocopherol)

Reduces scalp inflammation and repairs damaged follicles.

Pro-Vitamin B-5 (D-Panthenol)

A humectant, which means it invites moisture into your hair and scalp. It helps the oils in the smoothie stay in your hair.

Sweet Orange and Rose Geranium essential oils Blends with the natural scent of the coconut butter for an elegant, brighter scent profile. 

Who and How

Suitable for any type of hair, you can use it in a few ways. Here's what our gorgeous customers say:

  • Pre-shampoo scalp massage and hair treatment
  • Detangling after cleansing
  • Daily scalp, hair or beard leave-in
  • Reparative weekly hot oil treatment for those of us with thinning hair

Use a small amount at first. Use a clean finger to scoop from the pot and apply to your scalp— wet or dry, just as long as it's clean. Rub in well, enjoying the lovely scent and feel of a soon-to-be happy, supple scalp.

The amount you use will vary according to the texture of your hair and the condition of your scalp. For example, I use about a teaspoon per month, while my husband's very long locks can take 20g in a week. My kid with a lot of thick "mixed" curl pattern hair needs about a tablespoon per week; the kid with long, fine spiral curls just needs a "fingernail tip" weekly to keep her scalp moist.

n.b. The smoothie is a whip, which means it's a semi-solid. It will melt when it comes in contact with skin. It will also melt in warm weather, so please do store the pot in a cold place (the refrigerator even) if the mercury rises above 20 degrees Celsius.

IMPORTANT Because of the melting point of this product, we will not ship it during hot weather (+20 degrees) or outside of the UK.

Watch this video to learn more about murumuru!  

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