LoveCycled Soap for WaterAid

LoveCycled Soap for WaterAid

£2.00 GBP

Clean Water, Decent Toilets + Good Hygiene

During the Christmas 2018 season, we're fundraising for WaterAid! We're really excited to be working with this fantastic organisation to help families around the world live a decent life.

The whole family is involved here, helping to make and wrap the soap. The offcuts and bits and pieces left over from soap making have been broken down and 'rebatched' into usable bars.

How to Give Some Love + Water this Holiday Season

We're offering one of these bars in exchange for cash donations for WaterAid. If you have any skin sensitivities, please be sure to let us know during checkout.

There are a few choices for your donation amount that you can include with your checkout here. Or if you'd rather give directly to the charity, please visit our JustGiving fundraising page: SargassoLoveCycleSoap. Thank you VERY much for your generosity.

From the WaterAid web site:

£15 buys 5 plastic taps in Sierra Leone

£30 buys handwashing stations for 3 families in Mozambique

£50 buys a set of tools to build the structures that will bring clean water