Our Heritage - The Caribbean Heart

The Caribbean region spans the Sargasso and Caribbean Seas, reaching north to Bermuda, east to Barbados, south to Trinidad, and west to the Central American coast. To our family, it's Home.




There's no sugar-coating it . . .

The beginning of the 'Caribbean' was traumatic and violent: the near erasure of several indigenous cultures, the depletion of countless African civilisations, and a sea bloodied by warfare and piracy. All of this, in particular the cultivation of sugar, brought prosperity to the shores of Europe and North America, whilst radically transforming the Caribbean islands, the Americas, and Africa.

We inherit all of this: a complex and rich history cast against the captivatingly beautiful, the impossibly picturesque. This is our Caribbean. That's why Sargasso is much more than good soap and great natural products; it's our life project.

Just as Jean Rhys's novel Wide Sargasso Sea re-imagines a well-known English story (Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre) from a Caribbean point of view, we are committed to re-imagining the global marketplace of the last few centuries, with the goal of increasing  economic prosperity in the Caribbean. 

We agree with the latest findings of the World Economic Forum, that:

Our (current) economic system builds on linear principles focused on throughput, optimization and cost-benefit efficiency. We exploit, create value, and then waste.

There is no such thing as a Fourth Industrial Revolution with 9 billion thriving co-citizens in the world, if it is accomplished on linear economic principles. We need a transition to circular economic principles and practice.

Our proposal and practices

  • Value nature - eco-responsible packaging, sustainable raw ingredients, low carbon use, down to a green energy workshop.
  • Honour our producers' work by paying them fair prices.
  • Engage with like-minded businesses to share resources and ideas.
  • Honour our customers by providing only top quality products and clear information about products and ingredients; we need you to love our products and our business, so that we can grow!
Currently, production is based in the UK, with Caribbean commercial partners. Our goal is to move production to Barbados whilst maintaining a global market.