Skin Zen organic oils for face + body kit - spring/summer 2019
Skin Zen organic oils for face + body kit - spring/summer 2019
Skin Zen organic oils for face + body kit - spring/summer 2019
Skin Zen organic oils for face + body kit - spring/summer 2019

Skin Zen organic oils for face + body kit - spring/summer 2019

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Organic + Wildcrafted Oils - premium, plant-based beauty

The organic standard guarantees the greatest degree of purity on the cosmetics market. I've put together a kit of my favourite organic + premium oils to offer my customers the chance to customise their self-care with some amazing ingredients.

The kit is seasonal, so is constantly replenished with the freshest oils. I will never send you a batch of oil that isn't fresh and usable for at least the full 6 months of an organic oil's shelf life. 

I supply the oils and information on how you can use them. They're all suitable for use straight from the bottle or mixing in with your current beauty products. 

The Spring/Summer 2019 kit comes with:

  • 5ml Sea buckthorn oil
  • 10ml Chilean rosehip mosqueta oil
  • 15ml English evening primrose oil
  • 15ml Japanese camellia oil

5 ml sea buckthorn oil healing and deeply nourishing, sea buckthorn oil is often called the richest oil on Earth! It slows the development of wrinkles and penetrates skin + hair deeply to help regrow healthy tissue and restore elasticity. Vitamins C + E, beta-carotene, anti-oxidants, and carotenoid give the oil its deep orange colour,  and its earthy aroma is comforting. Use in tiny amounts, adding to skincare and haircare products or use neat.

10 ml rosehip mosqueta oil – regenerative and healing,packed with proven anti-ageing lineoleic acids, beta carotene, lycopene and vitamin E to promote a radiant + healthy-looking complexion. With regular use, known to help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and maintenance of optimal skin health. Therapeutic on dry, irritated, weathered skin, including damage or overexposure from sun. Also suitable for minimising the appearance of burns, scars, and stretch marks. Suitable for twice daily use.

15 ml evening primrose oil - Evening primrose contains high levels of GLA essential fatty acids and is good for dry and mature skin. It also soothes inflammation (calms it all down!) and can be used in dandruff applications. This oil is known for improving overall skin tone. Excellent for treatment of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. This oil can help with redness, firmness and inflammation. Use as a cuticle and nail strengthener and as a scalp nourishmer. Rub into damp hair as a hair mask, leave on, then shampoo.

15 ml camellia oil - adds nourishment to normal skin and ageing skin to help restructure cells and moisturise. It penetrates quickly and deeply, leaving the skin with optimum hydration and no greasy feel. It can help reduce fine lines, acne scarring, the appearance of pores and diminish the appearance of stretch marks. Camellia oil contains vitamins A, B, C, E and Polyphenols, natural antioxidants that safeguard your skin from the damaging effects of UV/environmental exposure and free radicals. It offers similar benefits for the hair. It adds shine, softness and smoothness. 

Cautions: With any premium organic product, the shelf life is a short 6 months. Take care if you are adding any extracts or essential oils. If you wish to do this, ensure that you do your research properly and never put extracts or essential oils directly on your skin or ingest them. 


  • Please do mix these oils with each other and in your favourite beauty products.
  • After you massage the oils into your skin, hair or nails, you should allow several hours for the oils to be absorbed.

We know that our customers are concerned about plastic use, so this kit is 100% recyclable and zero waste. Dropper inserts for the bottles are available free of charge, but they are optional at the point of purchase.